• Hungry Frog – Swamp Music

    Croak, croak – nom nom. This hungry little fella is about to have a snack that sounds as tasty as it looks. Lovin’ that swamp music! Ink on Watercolor Original Reptile and Music Art by Bart Castle

  • Devonian Blues – Ammonite

    Here is a piece from that awesomely wild time in ancient history known as the Devonian Period (419.2–358.9 million years ago) also known as the age of fish. During this time we see early Earth’s marine environments bursting with many new types of sealife including the placoderms and these ammonite mollusks, as well as the …

  • Rockaeopteryx

    I’ve never forgotten seeing the way a skeleton can distort itself in the fossils of my dinosaur books growing up. The archaeopteryx ones were a personal favorite, it seemed to me that the head was tossed back in a shriek such as Roger Daltrey would be proud of. Uh-yeah! Ink on Watercolor Original Dinosaur and …

  • Leaf Symbols

    Ink on Watercolor Original Leaf and Nature Art by Bart Castle